Standpunkte zur schulischen Bildung in mehrsprachigen Kontexten

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Stances Toward Education in Multilingual Contexts (STEMCo) aims at helping teachers accommodate linguistic diversity in their classrooms by taking an ethnographic look at how school communities locally conceptualize and treat multilingualism. The project provides a platform for teachers to reflect on their practice, learn from each other, and implement any opportune adjustments to their didactics. The goal of this project is to produce a teaching staff that is prepared to embrace and promote linguistic diversity, recognize and troubleshoot language-related issues as they arise, and be reflective about the effects of didactics on students’ identity development and communicative competence. Ultimately, the data collected during the research phase will become the foundation for a broader open-access professional development program for teachers of multilingual students throughout Europe. 

Why is school an important site for ethnographic research?
Leone-Pizzighella AR (2023)

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Socializing the written in the oral: The use of discourse markers by Italian secondary school students
Leone-Pizzighella AR, Bienati A, Frey JC (2023)

Conference: XXIII Congresso Internazionale dell’Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Applicata (AItLA 2023) | Arezzo | 24.5.2023 - 26.5.2023

How do language and power interact?
Telser E

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Pigeon-holed: The impact of class binaries on education and personhood in Italy
Leone-Pizzighella AR (2022)

Conference: Sociolinguistics Symposium | Ghent | 13.7.2022 - 16.7.2022

Linguistic ethnography and corpus linguistics: Bringing together two extremes of the qualitative spectrum
Leone-Pizzighella AR, Bienati A, Frey JC (2022)

Conference: SPECK events | Bolzano (online) | 1.10.2022 - 23.6.2023

What does a linguistic ethnographer do?
Leone-Pizzighella AR (2022)

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Don’t research participants act differently when they know you’re watching?
Leone-Pizzighella AR (2022)

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