Chiara Nomellini

Chiara Nomellini

Chiara Nomellini

Institute for Renewable Energy

T +39 0471 055 821


My educational background lies in the field of Chemistry, and in 2023 I obtained my PhD at Università degli Studi di Milano with a research topic focused on the development of innovative materials to be employed in sustainable energy conversion. My studies granted me a solid preparation on experimental research and laboratory management. 

As Post-Doc Researcher at Eurac my focus is on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) evalutation, especially linked to pollutants emissions from bulding materials. With advanced analytical techniques as well as monitoring systems based on commercial sensors I measure the presence and the concentration of a variety of environmental pollutants, with the aim of minimizing the health risks of the occupants of indoor spaces. 

I am also responsible for the managing of the VOC Lab.