Vox Pop: Mercedes from Spain

Vox Pop: Mercedes from Spain
Vox Pop: Mercedes from Spain -

Age: 70

Country of origin: Spain

Country of residence: Spain

Profession: Teacher, now retired


Q: How does the EU influence your day-to-day life?

A: …through the measures taken in my city, Madrid, to improve air quality.


Q: When you think about the EU, what is the first picture that comes to your mind?

A: I think of a big market.


Q: End the sentence: “Twenty years from now the EU … “

A: …should be a union at all levels.


Q: Choose three adjectives for the EU!

A: Interesting, large, incomplete.


Q: Explain the EU to an 8-year-old child (in elementary school) in one sentence.

A: The European Union is a set of countries with a common goal for the future.


Q: If the EU was an animal, what would it be and why?

A: An elephant, for its size, its strength and its slowness to move forward.


Q: Is there a dish (in your country) that describes Europe best, and why?

A: The cocido madrileño, a Madrilenian stew, because it has a lot of ingredients and its digestion is slow.


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