Mobile Youth: Minority adolescent’s migration aspirations in Narva, Estonia

20 October 2021
Russian minority youth tend to move to pursue their studies in- or outside Estonia - © Unsplash Mantas Hesthaven

Minority adolescents in Estonia show a tendency to migrate after High School to obtain their higher education. This is connected to cultural imaginaries and the desire to be accepted by the society they live in, therefore the change of surroundings and thus a change of society seems a mutually beneficial and viable solution.

Carmen Tasser

Carmen Tasser holds a BSc in Architecture from the University of Liechtenstein and an MA in Cultural Management from the Estonian Business School and the Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn. Currently she is working on her PhD within the European Joint Doctorate MOVES at the University of Kent and the University of Porto. Her interests focus on minority mobility in Europe and cultural and social developments in minority regions. She loves her self-raised black chicken and enjoys sharing “Krapfen” with them from time to time.


  • Migration
  • education

Tasser, C. Mobile Youth: Minority adolescent’s migration aspirations in Narva, Estonia .

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