Science at the border of art

A series by the Center for Advanced Studies in the art magazine "stayinart"

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The series "Science at the border of art" shows examples of current border crossings between science and art. The series is published by the Center for Advanced Studies for the renowned art magazine stayinart Zurich-Innsbruck-Vienna.

"We want to fascinate by uniting art into a large ensemble consisting of many individual elements that inspire, diversify and characterise each other, beyond predefined patterns," write Magdalena Froner and Hugo V. Astner, the editors and ideators behind the art magazine stayinart. They want to provide open space for as many perspectives as possible - with the series "Science at the border of art" also open space for science.

"Science is increasingly confronted with challenges that can only be solved through inter- and transdisciplinary competences," emphasises Roland Benedikter. He is co-director of the Center for Advanced Studies and editor of the new series. "Art, for its part, becomes more scientific the more it turns to the contemporary threshold between humans and technology," he says. This is already shown by the concept of information, which - like the word "information" itself - has to do with "in-building" (in-formare), i.e. with power of building ideas into reality, i.e. with imagination (according to German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe). Process and design thinking are becoming more important, which includes working with growing uncertainty and changeability. This naturally brings science closer to art. Both work - in properties and practices - on a "social sculpture".

Published articles

Pollocks Luzifer. Eine Lektüre in Zeiten globaler Systemverschiebung

By Roland Benedikter
can be found HERE.

Die Kunst im rechten Licht

By Mirjam Gruber
The e-paper of the issue BEYOND BORDERS
can be found HERE.

Ceci n’est pas un texte

By Maximilian Walder
The e-paper of the issue CONNECTEDNESS
can be found HERE.

Die Kunst und die Menschenrechte

By Linda Ghirardello and Martina Genetti
The e-paper of the issue PIONEERING
can be found HERE.

Existenzielle Risiken für die Menschheit

By Michael de Rachewiltz
The e-paper of the issue HIGHSPEED
can be found HERE.

May you not live in uncertain times

By Andreas Dibiasi
The e-paper of the issue COSMOPOLITAN
can be found HERE.


By Roland Benedikter and Petra Weider
The e-paper of the issue GLAMOUR
can be found HERE.


Selected texts from the art magazine stayinart are now available as podcasts. Among them you will find the latest contributions from our series "Science on the border to art".

  • Die Kunst im rechten Licht
    by Mirjam Gruber

  • Ceci n’est pas un texte: Weshalb ein Bild mehr sagen kann als tausend Worte
    by Maximilian Walder

  • Human Rights and Art: Pioneers for Social Change
    by Linda Ghirardello and Martina Genetti

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