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The Covid 19 pandemic changed social and economic life suddenly and violently - worldwide. Global thinking and local action have taken on a new meaning. How do we want to and how can we live and work in the future? At the Center for Advanced Studies, we use an interdisciplinary approach to analyze social, economic and political processes and look ahead to their impacts on the future.

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Time to Care 2022© Eurac Research
Futurological Congress 2020© Eurac Research / Transart - Tiberio Sorvillo
Project Tiny FOP MOB© Eurac Research - BASIS
© SamuelHolzner-Fotografie - SamuelHolzner
German philosopher and former minister of culture Julian Nida-Rümelin at the Futurological Congress 2020.© Eurac Research / Transart - Tiberio Sorvillo
Tiny FOP MOB: Science, business and society work together on sustainable solutions.© Eurac Research/Cinemepic - Elias Gianordoli
MyBZ Creative Toolkit: The board game Convivial.© Eurac Research - Daria Habicher
Workshop with Trebor Scholz: Rethinking Cooperation© Eurac Research - vvm
Conference "Rethinking Growth" and Churburger Business Talks in Bolzano and Sluderno© Eurac Research - vvm
MyBZ Creative Toolkit: Ceramic objects designed to represent the city of Bolzano.© Eurac Research - Annelie Bortolotti
Observatories for sustainable tourism meet for exchange. Indonesian delegation visits South Tyrol.© INSTO/Eurac Research

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MAGAZINE Science Stories that Inspire


Scenari per l’Alto Adige verso la neutralità climatica

Eurac Research ha elaborato uno studio tecnico completo per conto della Provincia

12 July 2022imagining-futures

The Future of European SMEs: Seven strategic axes for the re-globalization phase