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10 April 24

Eurac Hosts Empower4Pandemias Meeting: Building Resilience for Healthcare Professionals

This week, Eurac Research hosted the Empower4Pandemias consortium meeting, an Erasmus+ funded project dedicated to strengthening resilience in the healthcare sector.

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The event, co-organized by Fabio Carnelli and Ines Simbrig, brought together consortium members for a productive exchange focused on developing training materials and case studies.

A central theme of the meeting was the unveiling of the first drafts for three training modules designed to enhance individual pandemic resilience among healthcare professionals. These modules aim to equip healthcare workers with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the challenges of pandemics and maintain their well-being during such demanding periods.

The consortium also presented the initial versions of case-study scenarios. These scenarios will serve as valuable tools for exploring strategies to improve both organizational and individual pandemic resilience within the healthcare sector. By working through these scenarios, healthcare institutions can identify potential vulnerabilities and develop effective response plans.

The Empower4Pandemias project represents a significant step forward in preparing healthcare systems for future pandemics. By equipping healthcare professionals with the necessary resilience and providing institutions with practical tools, the project aims to ensure a more robust and responsive healthcare sector during times of crisis.

More details on the Empower4Pandemias is available below.

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