02 February 21

Kick off meeting: project TRANSALP

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The Trans-Alp Project – Transboundary Storm Risk and Impact Assessment in Alpine regions – funded by the European Union through the European Civil Protection Programme, has officially started on February 02nd

The project foster collaboration with transboundary countries to collect datasets and to build a methodology useful to forecast and prevent the impact of storm events.

The severity and frequency of extreme weather events possibly influenced by climate change increasingly threaten environmental and socio-economic systems. An example is the 2018 Vaia storm, which strongly affected Italy, Austria, France and Switzerland. Therefore there is a need to provide improved tools to conduct efficient climate risk assessments for cross-border areas.

The Institute of Earth Observation is the leading partner within a transboundary consortium. Beside the Climate and Disaster Risk research group, the technologists of the Center for Sensing Solutions will collaborate in the project to setup the webgis platform for the spatial data information, produced in the project, and will provide the technical support for processing and managing the data.

More informations about the project can be found here below.



Transboundary Storm Risk and Impact Assessment in Alpine regions

Duration: - Funding: Other EU Funding (EU funding / ...

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