AquaMount – Multi-risk of water scarcity in mountain regions

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AquaMount’s main objective is to improve decision-making processes for current water management and future adaptation within the context of changing climate- and socio-economic conditions of water scarcity. This objective involves the assessment of future conditions of unbalanced water availability vs water demand and the related cross-sectoral impacts. To achieve such an objective, mountain case studies of Trentino-Alto Adige and the Maloti-Drakensberg area in Lesotho-South Africa will be considered allowing comparative studies and a better comprehension of biophysical and socio-economic factors driving water scarcity in different mountain contexts for climate change adaptation. Moreover, the project aims to support cross-fertilisation between the two case studies for knowledge transfer and mutual improvements on water management through synergies and scientific collaboration between the Institute for Earth Observation of Eurac Research and the United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security in Bonn (Germany).

The project is financed by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-Bozen (Bando di concorso mobilità di ricercatrici e ricercatori 2020)

Contact person: Stefano Terzi


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Exploring upstream-downstream water demand scenarios for future adaptation in mountains

Terzi S, Delves J, Cheo E, Nyam YS, Schneiderbauer S, Orimoloye IR, Szarzynski J (2022)

Conference: Souther African Mountain Conference | Cathkin Park | 14.3.2022 - 18.3.2022

Wipptal South Pilot Action Region Gravity-Driven Natural Hazards and Forest Types
Hintner C, Terzi S, Steger S (2021)
Contribution in book
Best Practice Examples of Ecosystem-Based Risk Management Implementation in the GR4A Pilot Action Regions

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An inventory of Alpine drought impact reports to explore past droughts in a mountain region
Stephan R, Erfurt M, Terzi S, Žun M, Kristan B, Haslinger K, Stahl K (2021)
Copernicus GmbH
Journal article
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences

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Stochastic system dynamics modelling for climate change water scarcity assessment of a reservoir in the Italian Alps
Terzi S, Sušnik J, Schneiderbauer S, Torresan S, Critto A (2021)
Journal article
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences

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