Stefano Terzi

Stefano Terzi

Stefano Terzi

Center for Climate Change and Transformation

Center for Global Mountain Safeguard Research

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Stefano has a background as an environmental engineer from the University of Genova in Italy, and holds a PhD in environmental science from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in Italy, jointly with Eurac Research related to multi-risk assessments in mountain regions within the context of climate change. During his PhD, he collaborated with the UN-IHE Institute for Water Education (Delft, Netherlands) working on system dynamics modelling for water supply and demand assessments in an Alpine catchment.

Stefano currently works as post-doc at the Climate and Disaster risk group of Eurac Research and the Global Mountains Safeguard Safeguard Research, a joint initiative between Eurac Research and the UN University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS). Stefano’s research aims at the adoption of a systemic perspective to advance the understanding of multi-risk processes. His interests focus on mountain regions, looking at cross-sectoral water demand dynamics and capturing the spread of future water scarcity impacts arising from unbalanced conditions of water availability and water demands. He is actively involved in proposals writing for European and national funding schemes, combining his interest on risk assessments with human relations and team working attitude.


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Earth Observation for Multi-Hazard Risk Assessments

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