Strengthening Capacities to Assess Climate Change Vulnerability and Impacts to Shape Investments in Adaptation Technology for Azerbaijan's Mountain Regions

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Mountainous Azerbaijan is recognised as highly vulnerable to Climate Change. 20 per cent of the population live in mountains and thus are at risk of facing adverse impacts of climate change. The main risks are floods, avalanches, landslides and mudflows. Climate change increases the recurrence of such hazards. The combination of hazardous events and unstable infrastructure can have severe and destructive consequences. 

In addition, projected increase in temperature and related water shortages could particularly effect Azerbaijan's hydropower, agriculture and supply with drinking water. 

The Agriculture sector plays a significant role in the national economy in Azerbaijan. It is severely affected by floods.

Adaptation to climate change has the potential to reduce adverse impacts of climate change. A prerequisite for climate change adaptation is a Vulnerability Impact Assessment (VIA).

This project is developing climate change indicators that are feasible to apply within VIA studies with the view to support decision making and investment decisions in adaptation planning in mountain regions. Indicators will be selected for mountain regions and target sectors in a participatory process. The work will be conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan and relevant stakeholders. The project regions are Ismailli and Shamakhi.

The developed VIA indicators and results of the VIA study will provide the country with the scientific basis for adaptation planning, including to support the development/revision of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP). They can also serve as a basis for further development of follow-up activities using international financial mechanisms such as the Green Climate Fund and Adaptation Fund. In addition the developed indicators could be replicated in other mountain regions of Azerbaijan and across the Caucasus region.

Contact person: Marc Zebisch



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