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Institute for Earth Observation

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Glacier melt, storm damage and droughts have become emblematic of climate change. Mountain environments and societies are particularly vulnerable to these changes. At the Institute for Earth Observation we monitor the environmental dynamics of the Earth's surface in mountainous areas with the goal of understanding these changes and developing recommendations for risk management.

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Our researcher is measuring snow depth on the field in Schnalstal Valley (BZ), using a snow probe © Eurac Research - Peter James Zellner/Riccardo Barella
Our researchers are discussing the current snow cover situation in South Tyrol / Alps based on satellite pictures© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
Our researcher is taking ground measurements in Matschertal Valley (BZ) to validate the indices derived from the satellite data.© Eurac Research - Mattia Rossi
In the Proslide project, researchers exploit a variety of data sources, such as information derived from laserscanning (see this photograph from Passeiertal Valley), to predict the occurrence of shallow landslides.© Eurac Research - Stefan Steger

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Data Activity Report 2021/2022

Research Groups

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Climate and Disaster Risk

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Advanced Computing for Earth Observation

Ricerca e implementazione di soluzioni innovative per un facile accesso e l’elaborazione dei dati EO

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Transboundary Storm Risk and Impact Assessment in Alpine regions

Duration: December 2020 - December 2022Funding: Other EU Funding (EU funding / ...

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Institute's Projects

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The end of predictability

Predicting climate-related hazards has become more complex than ever due to climate change. A team of experts from Eurac Research have recently published an official guide for ...

Un tesoro in un mare di dati

La ricerca dispone di una quantità immensa di dati e, grazie all’intelligenza artificiale, si può avvalere anche della tecnologia per ottenere da essi quante più informazioni sia ...


Dati satellitari per sviluppare polizze sperimentali

Al via un progetto per tutelare gli agricoltori dai danni causati dalla siccità


Marc Zebisch

Head of Institute

Claudia Notarnicola

Vice Head of Institute

Institute for Earth Observation

Viale Druso 1 39100 Bolzano Italy

T 333 550 1740 93+


ude.carue.cep@noitavresbo.htrae (PEC)

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Eurac Research is a private research center based in Bolzano (South Tyrol) with researchers from a wide variety of scientific fields who come from all over the globe. Together, through scientific knowledge and research, they share the goal of shaping the future.

What we do

Our research addresses the greatest challenges facing us in the future: people need health, energy, well-functioning political and social systems and an intact environment. These are complex questions, and we are seeking the answers in the interaction between many different disciplines. In so doing, our research work embraces three major themes: regions fit for living in, diversity as a life-enhancing feature, a healthy society.

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