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There is an increasing demand by practice, policy and research communities for actionable approaches for climate risk assessment in the context of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) that are on one hand easy to understand and apply and on the other hand take into account complex, multiple, interconnected and cascading root causes, drivers and vulnerabilities. With this consultancy to GIZ Eurac Research and its partners develop a “Climate Risk Sourcebook” (CR-SB) as an update and expansion of the Vulnerability Sourcebook ( (VSB) and its supplements. 

The main objectives are to:
a) Provide a technical, content-related update by integrating supplements (e.g., the risk supplement), newest scientific findings and practical examples,
b) Conceptually expand on selected topics or modules, such as a modular sectoral “toolbox” considering relevant levels of detail and scales on how to conduct CRAs (time-frame, financial resources, procedural steps, co-design and stakeholder involvement, etc.) to support mainstreaming of CRAs and the resulting strengthening of resilience.
c) Provide a digitised, easily accessible, user-friendly and demand-driven version of the CR-SB.

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