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  • Date: 17.02.2024, Start 17:00
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    Ramskogler Katharina Tel. +39 0471 055 208 katharina.ramskogler@eurac.edu

We have been observing how our glaciers are melting for years. As part of the SEHAG research project, we are investigating this development using as an example of the Martell Valley with the help of historical data and images, as well as field measurements. We want to answer the following questions: How is the rapidly rising temperature affecting the Fürkele, Zufall-, and Langenferner? What does this mean in concrete terms for our mountain world? Can the data also be used to predict future vegetation changes and natural disasters? During the event, Katharina Ramskogler (Eurac Research Bolzano) and her colleagues from the Catholic University of Eichstätt, the Technical University of Munich and the Vienna University of Technology will provide the answers to these questions.oki



Short- and long-term feedback between vegetation and morphodynamic processes and climate warming

Duration: - Funding: Provincial Joint Programme – IT-DFG ...

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