Our researchers actively contribute to the dissemination of their research and knowledge to a wide audience. In this section you will find explanatory videos or short interviews.

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In this video in German with Italian subtitles, our Head of Institute Marc Zebisch explains how the climate is changing in South Tyrol and what the consequences are.

Our Vice Head Claudia Notarnicola explains, in this video in Italian, the launch of the Sentinel-2B satellite on March 6, 2017 by the European Space Agency and what is its use for our researchers.

In this video in German, our Head of Institute Marc Zebisch answers to some questions on the topic of climate change in South Tyrol.



On 07.09.2021 our Head Marc Zebisch spoke about the current context of climate change and greenhouse gases in South Tyrol in the context of the series of events organized by POLITis "Laboratorium Klimaschutz - Regionale Wege zu Klimagerechtigkeit und emeinwohl".

12/11/2021 Rai Südtirol interview: Marc Zebisch gives an assessment about the climate summit

29/07/2021 weather and climate change: Rai Südtirol interview with Marc Zebisch

16/07/2021 Zero-emission cars from 2035: Rai Südtirol interviews Marc Zebisch

On Wednesday, February 17, 2021, our Head of Institute Marc Zebisch has been a guest at the #Climate360 lecture series of the Museum of Natural History South Tyrol - Museo di Scienze Naturali Alto Adige. At the online event, he not only talks about the background of global climate change and how it affects South Tyrol. Using Covid-19 as an example, he addresses how vulnerable our society is to crises and how deep changes and measures need to be in order to have an impact.