IMR Summer School 2024

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Week 1

Day 1: Introductions, July 1

Roland Psenner, President Eurac Research, Günther Rautz Head of Institute for Minority Rights - Eurac Research / Georg Grote - Institute for Minority Rights: Welcome • Joshua Castellino: Keynote Reframing Governance to Overcome Colonial Legacies and Promote Diversity: The Merits of a Sub-Regional Approach to Promoting Peace, Security & Justice
• Q&A / Discussion • Georg Grote: History of South Tyrol, an Introduction

Day 2: South Tyrol: Diversity governance in Practice, July 2

Elisabeth Alber - Eurac Research: Political system of South Tyrol, an Introduction • Elisabeth Alber: Visit to the Landtag • Markus Wurzer: Challenging the Colonial Heritage in South Tyrol • Markus Wurzer/ Georg Grote: Guided walkabout in Bozen focusing on Lieux de memoirs and post-/colonial aspects

Day 3: Post-colonial legacies and Change, July 3

Cristiana Fiamingo: From decolonising heritage to decolonising knowledge • Jody Metcalfe: Whiteness, Racialisation, and Intersectionality in South Africa • Carna Pistan - Eurac Research: Alarming Alterations: How Collective Memory Transformed the Russian Constitution into a Weapon of War • Q&A / Discussion

Day 4: A postcolonial Perspective on Migration, July 4

Kelsey Norman: Migration Management Aid, Governance and Repression • Alexandra Tomaselli - Eurac Research, Anna Lea von Schlechtleitner, Eurac Research: Decolonising Gender • Alexandra Budabin - Eurac Research: (All afternoon) Rolepay “Minorities and Autonomies”

**Day 5: Study Trip to the Ladin valleys with Lectures on South Tyrol Autonomy, (Eurac Research - Centre for Autonomy Experience), July 5

Josef Prackwieser - Eurac Researcher - academic assistance

Week 2

DAY 6: Neo-colonialisms, July 8

Judith Devlin: Russia’s Imperialism past and present • Ivan Ulises Kentros Klyszcz: Russia in Africa • Chia-Yu Liang: The Return of the Universal Tianxia Empire? The Ancient Roots of Modern China’s Production and Oppression of Its Minorities • Roundtable Discussion

Day 7: Visual Politics, July 9

• Alexandra Budabin: Black Lives Matter in Italy and Bolzano-Bozen: Heritage Politics between the Colonial and Post-Colonial • Hannes Obermair: Beyond restitution: Reframing the western museum in a postcolonial context • Marta Guarda: Colonial legacies in education: the case of English

Day 8: Colonial Legacies, Self-government and Power Politics, July 10

Andrea Carlà - Eurac Research / Sergiu Constantin - Eurac Research: Minorities and (de)securitization from a postcolonial perspective. A discussion of India's approach towards Kashmir • Maria Ackrén: The Complexities and Challenges with the relationships between Denmark and Greenland • Roberto Farneti: The Concept of Conflict in Western Societies • Visit to Filmclub Bozen: Showing of a topic-related film, tbc

Day 9: Workshop-Day: Innovation in Politics, July 11

Raoul Blindenbacher: The Governmental Learning Spiral - A Tool to solve Minority and Diversity Issues in Governance

Day 10: Concluding Observations, Outlook, July 12

Nicolas Levrat: Report and Comments by the UN Special Rapporteur for Minorities • Q&A / Discussion • Georg Grote: Reflections and Evaluation of the Summer School / Conclusion

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