Mapping Integration Indicators

Mapping Integration Indicators – A Reference Tool for Evaluating the Implementation of Ljubljana Guidelines-based Policy

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Mapping integration indicators – A reference tool for evaluating the implementation of Ljubljana Guidelines-based policy

This report reviews and evaluates a selection of the most LG-pertinent indexes on integration currently existing across the OSCE. The findings of this review aim to inform the HCNM in its endeavors to engage participating States in operationalizing the LG in their own policy-making and evaluation. The report does not seek to establish new indicators for the implementation of the LG but rather to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the reviewed indicators for the LG. It does so keeping in mind that the HCNM integration work has been part an overarching strategy for the sustainable prevention of conflicts and consolidation of diverse societies. 

This report is the outcome of a cooperation of a network of researchers from Eurac Research, the Åland Peace Institute and the University of Heidelberg. Researchers have investigated a wide range of indexes produced across the OSCE area between December 2019 and May 2020.  As a result, 14 indexes have been selected with regard to their relevance for the LG, the diversity of their source (academia, international organisations, national/subnational authorities, civil society, think tanks, etc.) and their accessibility (English version).

Researchers assessed these indexes in the 9 policy areas of the LG: anti-discrimination and full and effective equality, citizenship, effective participation, language, education, security and law enforcement, access to justice, media, diversity of symbols and their use in the public domain. As part of this assessment, researchers analysed in-depth the indexes and related indicators usefulness to capture aspects of each LG policy area, their comprehensiveness/missing integration dimensions, the groups covered, their endorsement of LG substantive and procedural principles, the provisions made for collecting data and the type of data collected. This assessment also contains an overall assessment and remarks on the said indexes practical use.

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