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Institute for Comparative Federalism

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Federalism and autonomy are key instruments of democratic governance, allowing for unity in diversity, pluralism and power control. By analyzing how complex societies are organized and how decisions are made, we provide solutions at local and global level on how to improve the democratic efficiency of institutions and policies.

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Research areas

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Autonomies: Italy and South Tyrol

This research field analyzes and monitors the development of the special autonomy of South Tyrol within the Italian regional system and provides solutions to ...

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Autonomies Compared: Subnational and Local​

What is the relevance of federalism worldwide? How do systems aim to ensure subnational and local autonomy compare and what can countries across continents ...

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Institutional Innovation and Participatory Democracy

Scholars explore the operation of democratic federalism from the viewpoint of institutional innovation and new forms of decision-making grounded in deliberative ...

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Fiscal Federalism

The allocation of fiscal powers and intergovernmental financial relations against the balance between autonomy claims and solidarity are a pivotal area of ...

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Environmental Policy and Law in Multilevel Systems

Environment is one of the key areas of law that are regulated and implemented by different governmental levels and actors, thus challenging the traditionally ...

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Winter School

6a/2022: Winter School on Federalism and Governance

Duration: December 2008 - December 2022Funding: Public institutions (Other projects ...

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MAGAZINE Science Stories that Inspire

03 May 2022eureka

Should there be a push for more integration in EU health policy?

Tommaso Librera


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Institute for Comparative Federalism

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