Alessia Pilati

Alessia Pilati

Alessia Pilati

Junior Researcher
Institute for Regional Development

T 881 550 1740 93+



Main areas of research

  • Ecological connectivity and conservation
  • Agroforestry biodiversity
  • Land and natural resources exploitation
  • GIS-based modeling of human-environment interactions

Short CV

Alessia Pilati completed her studies in Natural Sciences at the University of Padova and specialized in Sustainable Territorial Development through an international joint master degree program coordinated by KU Leuven, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and the University of Padova. During one year at the "Geography, territory, and climate change" research group in Padova, she honed her GIS skills and conducted a thesis on the expansion of oil infrastructures in the Amazon forest. In 2022 she conducted an on-field research project, collaborating with KU Leuven and Stanford University. The study focused on comparing polyculture and monoculture systems in oil palm plantations in Central America, utilizing soil arthropods as bioindicators. Currently, her research focuses on ecological connectivity at a European scale. Through participative processes, the project aims to implement restoration and conservation measures, contributing to the establishment of a cohesive Trans-European Nature Network.


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European Biodiversity Corridors

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