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Institute for Regional Development

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Promoting social justice, supportive and resilient communities and increasing environmentally friendly mindsets is the goal of our transformation research at our Institute. By fostering relationships with the people in South Tyrol's valleys and other mountain regions and endowing citizens with responsibilities as our co-researchers, local knowledge and science combine to shape the future in a sustainable way.

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1st World Agritourism Congress 2018© Eurac Research
Shepherdesses in the Alps© Lifestockprotect Project
Mountain areas© Krivec Ales | Pexels

Research Groups

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Rural Resources

In rural areas there is still great potential to use material and immaterial resources sustainably. To this end, we are working with local people to develop ...

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Human - Environmental Interactions

Human-environmental interactions can be defined as interactions between the human social system and the ecosystem. These interactions show how humans adapt to ...

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Space and Society

Our world is facing a series of unprecedented crises that relates to our economy, environment, climate and way of living. Our task is to accelerate the ...

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News & Events

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MAGAZINE Science Stories that Inspire


Uno scrigno di sostenibilità

Eurac Research presenta “Custodi di ricchezza”, una mostra sul patrimonio culturale vivente in val Venosta, Bassa Engadina e val Müstair.

15 July 2022regionalstories

Allevamento e addestramento di cani da pastore