Giorgia Zogu

Giorgia Zogu

Giorgia Zogu

PhD Student
Institute for Minority Rights

PhD Student
Center for Migration and Diversity

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Giorgia Zogu is a doctoral candidate at the Institute for Minority Rights at Eurac Research and at the University of Vienna, with a MA and BA in political science from the University of Vienna. Her research interest mainly lies in political parties and their approach to candidates with an immigration background (e.g., recruitment strategies, inclusion and opportunities). 
Within Eurac Research she is also a member of the "Mobile People and Diverse Societies" Group. 

Her current PhD research explores the effects that living in rural areas in Piedmont, Lazio, and Campania have on immigrant political participation. The main objective of her project is to look at the political participation of people with a migration background and how the area in which they live influences their participation opportunities.

Her goal is to answer the following questions:

  • How does place shape the institutionalized political participation of immigrants?

  • Which forms of institutionalized political participation are available to immigrants in rural areas?

  • What motivates immigrants to participate politically in rural areas?

  • Which institutionalized forms of political participation for immigrants can be identified in

    rural areas?

  • Which facilitating opportunities are there in rural areas for immigrant’s political participation?

    (i.e., parties, councils, networks, projects)

The PhD project is funded by the Institute for Minortity Rights at Eurac Research in collaboration with the University of Vienna, under the supervision of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sieglinde Rosenberger. 


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PACS -The political participation of immigrants in Italian rural areas

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Giorgia ZoguGiorgia Zogu