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Eurac Research supports the principles of openness, inclusivity, transparency and reproducibility in research. We recognize the Open Science practices of our collaborators through the Open Research Award and encourage further engagement with various open science practices through a varied internal training program.

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Open Research Award

The Open Research Award seeks to showcase concepts and achievements by Eurac researchers who actively engage with tools and practices that make research more collaborative and equitable, and enhance knowledge sharing and dissemination.

Open Science Events in Eurac Research

Every year, Eurac Research offers its collaborators a rich program of training and events about various aspects of Open Science. The current and past Open Science events calendars highlight the depth and breadth of our offering, which sees the collaboration of Research Support Office, Training & Education Department and many Eurac Research collaborators.

Open Science Events 2023

Open Science Events 2022

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Liise Lethsalu and Maria Bellantone at the Research Support Office will answer your questions about Open Access and RDM, including training requests, questions about funders’ and journals’ policies, internal and external funding for Open Access and the Open Research Award. The Research Support Office can also be contacted for more information about the Open Access and the Research Data Management Working Groups in Eurac Research.

For questions about the current research information system Converis and the institutional repository BIA, please contact Antje Messerschmidt at the Library.