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Open Access

Research results are most impactful and beneficial when shared openly without restrictions. Eurac Research is committed to making the works published by our researchers accessible to the scientific community, policy makers, industry, and society at ...

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Research Data Management

Research data management (RDM) refers to the organization, storage, preservation, and sharing of data collected or generated during a research project. Eurac Research supports its researchers with their RDM through both advisory and technical ...

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Open Research

Eurac Research supports the principles of openness, inclusivity, transparency and reproducibility in research. We recognize the Open Science practices of our collaborators through the Open Research Award and encourage further engagement with various ...

Open Science Updates

Open Access Week 2023

23rd October 2023

Webinar: The role of preprints in scholarly publishing with Philip N Cohen, Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland and director of SocArXiv.

Registration is required. Please register here.

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EURAC blog: How academic bullying led this data scientist to Open Science

18th April 2023

It’s time to reinvent science, tear down the walls of its ivory tower and dream a bigger dream. Read the blog here.

Eurac Research is part of the Italian Reproducibility Network

Eurac Research became a member of the Italian Reproducibility Network in April 2023. This membership underscores our commitment to open and reproducible research and our hope to further the exchange of best practices between our collaborators and researchers across Italy and beyond.

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Open Research Award 2023 announced

After a successful first edition in 2021, the Open Research Award returns in 2023 with three prizes and a renewed international jury. Find out how to take part!

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The EDP is in the EOSC general catalogue

01 July 2021

The Environmental Data Portal, the metadata catalogue for environmental data collected at Eurac, is now on the EOSC general catalogue, which enhances data discoverability and reusability. The EDP catalogue is a result of the DPS4ESLAB project.

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Liise Lethsalu and Maria Bellantone at the Research Support Office will answer your questions about Open Access and RDM, including training requests, questions about funders’ and journals’ policies, internal and external funding for Open Access and the Open Research Award. The Research Support Office can also be contacted for more information about the Open Access and the Research Data Management Working Groups in Eurac Research.

For questions about the current research information system Converis and the institutional repository BIA, please contact Antje Messerschmidt at the Library.