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FACE - Façades Architecture Construction Engineering

(5th edition) EURAC Research offers a high specialization training course on Façade Architecture, Construction and Engineering (FACE).

October 2023 – May 2024


Eurac Research offers a high specialization training course on Façade Architecture, Construction and Engineering (FACE).

FACE aims at delivering thorough education for technical designers and consultants operating in the façade industry to help them keep pace with a constantly evolving market. The initiative is open to researchers and freelance professionals working in the same industrial field.

Joining FACE allows for a boost in multidisciplinary competence for façade professionals. The course provides insights into the contemporary façade market industry and enables technical designers and consultants to manage complex projects both at organizational and technical level. The program covers architectural concepts, functional requirements and the related technical skills based on a cross-sectorial and international approach.


FACE trainers are outstanding professionals in the field of façade design, construction and operation, as well as experts and scholars developing disruptive research in the areas of façade adaptivity, flexibility, digital design and service development, circular economy for the built environment, design for manufacturing and assembly and façade industrialization.

Some of our outstanding trainers from the past editions

ARUP Italy: Matteo Orlandi Pichler Projects: Harald Spitaler, Alessio Passera Reynaers: Tommaso Pieraccini glassAdvisor: Luca Papaiz LFE: Carlo Battisti Focchi: Luca Nicolini Skanska: Saverio Pasetto Politecnico di Milano: Angelo Lucchini, Alberto Speroni Politecnico di Torino: Fabio Favoino EOC: Damian Rogan TU Delft: Thaleia Konstantinou, Juan Azcarate Aguerre TU München: Philipp Molter UNICMI: Paolo Rigone, Lara Bianchi, Valentina Ferrari Universität Innsbruck: Rainer Pfluger University of Sydney: Eugenia Gasparri South Denmark University: Nebojsa Jakica Eurac Research: Annalisa Andaloro, Stefano Avesani, Marco Larcher, Ingrid Demanega, Annamaria Belleri, Giuseppe De Michele, Simone Torresin

Expected results

Train well-rounded façade professionals able to operate at practically any step of the façade design and construction value chain. Provide technical insights into the sector of complex building façades Develop independent research on façade design innovation
Take part into several design challenges together with fellow colleagues from the most relevant façade design and manufacturing firms, as well as well-know research institutions Build awareness of the challenges ahead of the façade industry

Job prospects

FACE alumni can actively contribute in innovating industrial processes within façade production and construction companies or further research on façade design within research institutions and as technical consultants.

FACE provides a façade design toolkit with a wide application potential in façade companies, from R&D to buy and sales, from technical consultancy to façade production management.

Participation is subject to admission procedure and payment of a tuition fee covering organizational costs.


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