A wide variety of services, structures and tools are available at Eurac Research to assist researchers, partners, stakeholders, industry, and citizens.

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Meeting Management

We are Eurac Research’s dedicated event service. Our team of qualified professionals are available to assist researchers as well as public or private companies in organising their events.

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Education & Training

Faithful to the motto “Continuing education for lifelong learners” Eurac Research is offering its know-how to a broader public of specialists and management executives. The department Education & Training​ offers compact courses and seminars in all areas of management and special seminars and degree curses based on the themes of Eurac Research​. In ...

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Eurac Research for schools

Giovani e ricerca scientifica sono il nostro domani. Le attività proposte nella pagina Eurac Research for schools nascono come ponte con il mondo della ricerca. Sono rivolte a studentesse e studenti con l'obiettivo di stimolare il loro interesse per la ricerca.