ABI - Memoria e Identita. Trasformazione in Alto Adige

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In the European context South Tyrol presents itself as a strong
driving force within a proactive region. While in its external appearance South
Tyrol bears many state-like characteristics and has thus been likened to be a
regional state, it is internally hampered by the existence of two mutually
almost exclusive parallel societies, which stands in the way of societal
cohesion in the province and a fruitful cultural exchange between Italian and
German-speaking South Tyroleans. One of the most dividing factors is their
shared history in the 20th century.
The project builds on collecting and interpreting primary sources found in
private collections of ordinary people across the region and across the
linguistic divide. Initially, and following a Call to the Public, numerous
people registered their interest to participate in the project and open their
private archives. Several thousand documents were digitised and included in the
collection, the overwhelming majority of which to date have been in German. 

Several book publications and public outreach initiatives have already originated from the collection which is growing continuously, a funding request has been submitted and more are in preparation, as well as an exhibition in the EURAC in the summer of 2022. 

Die zerrissene Generation: Südtiroler Schicksale im Faschismus und Nationalsozialismus 1922-1942
Grote G (2021)
Bozen: Athesia
Monografia o trattato scientifico (d'autore)

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Buchvorstellung Im Schatten der Zeitenwende
Grote G (2019)
Im Schatten der Zeitenwende: Leben in Tirol 1900-1918
Grote G (2019)
Bozen: Athesia
Monografia o trattato scientifico (d'autore)

Buchvorstellung: Im Schatten der Zeitenwende
Grote G (2019)

Conference: Buchvorstellung Im Schatten der Zeitenwende | Bozen | 5.11.2019 - 5.11.2019