Roberto Melotti

Roberto Melotti

Roberto Melotti

Senior Researcher
Institute for Biomedicine

T +39 0471 055 511


Roberto Melotti is researcher in Biomedical Statistics and a senior member of the Biostatistics & Epidemiology group at the Institute for Biomedicine.

After graduating in Statistical and Economical Sciences from the University of Bologna in 2001, he attained an MSc in Epidemiology from the University of Verona and a PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Bristol (UK). Since training on the job in Verona, he has taught statistics and epidemiological methods to both undergraduate and postgraduate students over the years. In Bristol he spent more than 5 years specialising in supporting clinical research and focusing on multidisciplinary health research. Hands on the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) resource, one of the richest birth-cohort studies in the world, he gained new methodological knowledge and a broader perspective on Life Sciences. Since 2012 he has been actively collaborating with clinicians in South Tyrol and leveraging the Cooperative Health Research in South Tyrol (CHRIS) study towards precision health and generating new knowledge, particularly focusing on Public Health and Clinical Epidemiology.  

Main research interests
Biostatistics and Methodology. Etiological models of determinants of health outcome and disease with applications mainly in large population-based cohort and observational clinical studies. Latent variable modelling for exploratory and confirmatory deep phenotyping.  Statistical methods for missing data and attrition. Repeated measures and longitudinal data designs and applications. Survey weighting to control for selection bias. Survey design and questionnaire development and implementation. Machine learning applications to prediction models and variable importance ranking.

Public Health topics. Health inequalities. Substance use. Movement disorders and neuro-psychiatry-psychological traits. COVID-19. Nephrology.




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