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Institute for Biomedicine

Institute for Biomedicine

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Our starting point is always the individual and their unique characteristics, then comes the laboratory and finally we go back to people: this is how our research work is undertaken. We study how genetic heritage, the environments in which we live and our lifestyles affect the appearance and development of diseases as well as how these factors influence our health.

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& Figures

Staff members
41 with a PhD degree
Ongoing projects
27 of them with international partners
Assignments (services and consultancies)
4 of them with international agencies
Journal publications
Laboratories and facilities
Biomedicine laboratory, Biobank, CHRIS Center

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Research Field

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Molecular and Cellular Biology

“Without understanding molecules we can only have a very sketchy understanding of life itself.” F. Crick

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Health Data Science

"It is easy to lie with statistics. It is hard to tell the truth without it" A. Dunkels

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"Responsible research only happens if science and ethical analysis grow together"

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News & Events

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Epigenetics of Immunity in Cancer

Duration: September 2019 - December 2022Funding: Italy-Austria 2014-2020 (EUTC / EU ...

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Institute's Projects

MAGAZINE Science Stories that Inspire


The right pills

A CHRIS health study spinoff investigates the effectiveness of hypertension medications


Riprogrammazione efficace delle cellule tumorali

Uno studio dimostra l'efficacia di una molecola contro il leiomiosarcoma - l'aggressivo cancro dei tessuti molli - e identifica alcuni geni che permettono una prognosi migliore


Peter P. Pramstaller

Head of Institute

Andrew Anthony Hicks

Vice Head of Institute

Institute for Biomedicine

Via Galvani 31 39100 Bolzano Italy

T 005 550 1740 93+


ude.carue.cep@mbc (PEC)