Light and shadow of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies: South Tyrol

11 January 2022
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The Eurac Research project "Climate change integration in the multilevel governance of Italy and Austria" aims at studying and comparing how the Autonomous Provinces of Bolzano/Bozen (South Tyrol) and Trento, and the two Austrian Länder Vorarlberg and Tyrol are tackling the struggle against climate change. In fact, subnational governments play an important role in the integration of climate change policies at the local and provincial level. This project is particularly well times since the recent Glasgow Climate Pact has recalled nations and governments about the urgency of addressing climate change and related negative impacts.

Giada Giacomini

Giada Giacomini is a postdoctoral researcher at Eurac Research, Institute of Comparative Federalism. She holds a PhD in Public, Comparative and International Law (International Order and Human Rights) from La Sapienza University in Rome. After obtaining her PhD, she worked as intern at the Independent Redress Mechanism of the Green Climate Fund. Her research interests include human rights-based approaches to climate change, international human rights law and international environmental law.


Giacomini, G. Light and shadow of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies: South Tyrol.

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