How can we prevent a future infodemic?

21 June 2022
The infodemic is a mirror of the pandemic - © Adobe Stock/Adil

It is said that the history of war is the history of media. In other words, war is represented by the media format prevalent at the time. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman coined the term "TikTok war" for the Ukrainian invasion in February, and other publications followed suit. The same is true for the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, technology media such as social networking services framed the audience's perception and hijacked their thoughts and behaviour. Thus, the infodemic became the downside of excessive technology media representation. By studying the practices of science journalists, including BBC,, and other media outlets at the forefront of the infodemic, this article analyses the practice and efficacy of science journalism in the COVID-19 pandemic and suggests strategies to prevent a future infodemic.

Akihico Mori

Akihico Mori is a Kyoto based science journalist and a writer. His main interest is social critiques on interaction between emerging technology/science and humanity. He writes for publications such as WIRED Japanese Edition, MIT Technology review Japan and others. He is also a freelance reporter/fixer of Japanese scientific research with a broad range of experience in collaboration with international news media such as BBC. Alongside with journalistic work on the topic, he engages editorial and media consultancy particularly in science and technology. He studied media communication (MA Media, Communications and Critical practice) at University of the Arts London (UAL). He did a media research project "Science Journalism in The Infodemic related to COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, its Challenges and Evolution" during his postgraduate studies. In the project, he identifies types of approaches to combat propagation of misinformation, social problems science journalists face during the pandemic in collaboration with science journalists including BBC and WIRED. The project is also the research theme of the Master's degree dissertation.

Mori, A. How can we prevent a future infodemic?

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