Ethnic and linguistic identity in Ukraine? It’s complicated

21 March 2022
Slava Ukraini - © Michele Ursi -

Simplistic narrations of Ukraine’s East-West ethno-linguistic divide fail to capture the country’s cultural diversity and the complex interplay between ethnicity and language.

Sergiu Constantin

Sergiu Constantin is a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Minority Rights of Eurac Research. He holds a law degree from the University of Bucharest (Romania) and a Master in European Studies from the University of Graz (Austria). His research projects deal with diversity governance focusing mainly on language rights, political participation and territorial/cultural autonomy arrangements in Europe and beyond. Sergiu´s recent consultancy activities regard projects undertaken by the Council of Europe and the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. He is co-managing the annual Eurac Research Summer School on Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Governance.


  • minorities
  • Ukraine

Constantin, S. Ethnic and linguistic identity in Ukraine? It’s complicated .

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