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Center for Advanced Studies - News & Events - Anna Scuttari appointed to Munich University of Applied Sciences

26 March 20

Anna Scuttari appointed to Munich University of Applied Sciences

Professor at the Faculty of Tourism

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Anna Scuttari© Pierluigi Cattani Faggion

We are very pleased to announce that Anna Scuttari, Senior Researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies, has been appointed to the University of Applied Sciences Munich. Despite the currently restricted teaching schedule, Scuttari is already in the middle of the action - even though she works and teaches from her home in Bolzano due to the restrictions.

"Under these conditions, my start at Munich University of Applied Sciences is a real challenge," Scuttari reports. She teaches five subjects at the Faculty of Tourism. Her focal points: Methods of empirical social and tourism research, sustainable tourism, and tourism mobility and route management. "There are no lectures to be held, but most professors invest a lot of time in online teaching in order to be able to convey the material to the students in spite of everything and to prepare them for the required exams," Scuttari describes her current job, which now focuses significantly on preparing the content using video and recording tools.

"This required a rapid development of my online skills and I had to adapt to the unusual conditions before I even knew the standard processes. The university has provided us with different platforms for this and we receive assistance via the central e-learning platform. The exchange with colleagues works very well." Anna Scuttari is also still closely connected to the Center for Advanced Studies. She will continue to work for Eurac Research on a 20 percent basis and will supervise the ongoing projects.


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