Digital Religion I

Spirituality and Human Interaction in the Digital Age

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  • Date: 08.10.2018, 14.00 - 19.30 CET
  • Place: Auditorium | Eurac Research
  • Typology: International Conference

Almighty algorithms, artificial intelligence, cyber-churches: digitization and new technologies are radically changing the conditions of humanity and social interaction. What happens when genetic engineering becomes a god-like practice, when man and machine merge? Is this the beginning of a new belief system in which progress and boundless technological faith replace religion? Or will religion become even more important as an alternative world because it fulfills a longing for a sense of community and real communication felt by those who are suffering from the negative impacts of digitization such as insecurity, loneliness, social isolation? And what opportunities does the Internet offer regarding religious experience and mediation? How do apps and new media change our way of practicing faith? Which values do we want to preserve or further develop in the digital age?

These topics were discussed at an international conference organized by Eurac Research in Bolzano-Bozen on 8 October 2018. At the invitation of the Center for Advanced Studies and the Commission for Tourism and Leisure of the Diocese Bozen-Brixen, experts provided insights into developments in the digital age and analyzed ethical, religious and spiritual issues.


Follow up

Here you can find the photo gallery and the videos of the conference:


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