How can tourism be managed for the benefit of locals?

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  • Date: 13.03.2018, 09.00 - 13.15 CET
  • Place: Auditorium | Eurac Research
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More and more tourist destinations are suffering from overcrowding, and this phenomenon of “overtourism” has already led to tensions in both urban and rural areas. It would appear that some destinations have reached their capacity of tourists who are visiting hotspots in the region. Or is the perception negative because tourist flows in these destinations are not distributed efficiently? Residents, especially local political actors and authorities, are not always able to deal with the situation. This can be observed in cities such as Venice, Barcelona and Dubrovnik, as well as UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites. But is this a temporary phenomenon for these destinations caused by issues of security in other popular tourist destinations? Do destinations really have too many tourists, or is it more of a problem of visitor management? Or are the growing numbers of tourists a consequence of an increase in the mobility of people around the world, as well as an increase in prosperity and changes in lifestyle?

The aim of this conference is to discuss the phenomenon of “overtourism” and to demonstrate possible management strategies for large quantities of tourists that could prevent negative impacts on residents’ perceptions of tourists.

Follow up

You can find the video recording of the conference here:

Conference Overtourism - Part 1
Conference Overtourism - Part 2

Dossier Overtourism

Popular travel destinations around the world are suffering from overcrowding, and in some cities inhabitants are even taking to the streets because they feel overrun by the masses of visitors. Some locations in South Tyrol are also very full during high season. What can we do to keep tourism from becoming a burden for local residents, while keeping vacation locations attractive for both visitors and inhabitants? How should we prepare ourselves for a future in which experts forecast an increase in the global streams of tourists? What possibilities are opened up by new technologies? In this report, tourism researchers Greta Erschbamer, Elisa Innerhofer and Harald Pechlaner discuss the various aspects of the phenomenon of overtourism and offer approaches for its management.


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