Culture, Art and Thought

The umbrella “Culture, Art & Thought” aims to generate inter- and transdisciplinary approaches and to connect people from different disciplines and sectors to challenge old ways of thinking and generate new solutions.

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The purpose of the project “Culture, Art & Thought” is twofold: on the one hand, it aims to generate inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to current global challenges and contribute to their academic discussion. On the other hand, it strives to make an impact on the local South Tyrolean civil society and decision makers by raising awareness about relevant topics and issues (e.g. known/unknown crises, cultural sustainability).

The project, at the intersectionality of culture, art, philosophy and science, addresses, among others, the following questions: Can science do art? Do transdisciplinary interventions at the intersection of art and science have the potential to trigger societal change and transformation? How can (and why should) cultural sustainability be fostered and maintained without losing its authenticity? How can philosophy help to unravel the complexity of today's challenges?

Within the project, three research topics can thus be identified:

  1. exCHANGE - Exploring Pathways of Art-Science Collaboration
  2. Cultural sustainability in South Tyrol
  3. Philosophy of Change

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