Resistance and Change

The Struggle for Equality from women's suffrage to AI

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  • Date: 08.03.2024
  • Place: online on Teams
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    AIMED AT High school classes.

What can paths to gender equality look like? Researchers from Eurac Research will explain this for different areas of society, from women's movements and political representation to assistance systems and artificial intelligence.

Katharina Crepaz

Politics and Health Researcher, Center for Autonomy Experience

Artificial intelligence has been on everyone's lips since ChatGPT. What gender stereotypes and prejudices does AI reproduce and how can we counteract them?

Mirjam Gruber

Political Researcher, Center for Advanced Studies

Gender roles in South Tyrol remain broadly traditional: The man pursues a career, the woman looks after the children. Who has an interest in keeping it that way? Which policies contribute to this - and with what consequences?

Melanie Gross

Researcher, Institute of Public Management

Women are still under-represented in politics. But why is this the case? How do voters perceive the role of women in local politics?

Chiara Paris

Historian, Centre for Advanced Studies

The late 1960s saw the emergence of social movements all over the world. South Tyrol was no exception: here, too, the New Women's Movement fought for self-determination and broke patriarchal patterns. Who were these women? And what women's movements exist today?

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