Earth Observation for Multi-Hazard Risk Assessments

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The EO4MULTIHA project is a European Space Agency funded project aiming to explore the EO technology potential to advance the scientific understanding of high impact multi-hazard events to better identify, characterise and assess their associated risk, vulnerability and impacts on society and ecosystems. In particular, Eurac is responsible for structuring, creating and maintaining of a multi-hazard impact database aiming to collect and store attributes on the most recent high-impact multi-hazard events coming from the four project science cases. Moreover, the database will combine information coming from existing international and national event-datasets and further refining the amount and type of information through EO and multi-source data (e.g., impact data).

In addition, Eurac is co-lead of the Adige River Basin science case in Italy. Activities in the Italian case aims to characterize and assess the most relevant hot and dry events in recent decades that occurred in the area and led to impacts across multiple sectors and scales (e.g., human health, water management and agriculture). The advancements made in the Italian case will be demonstrated through a variety of innovative outputs, including a novel scientific framework, a multi-hazard event and impact database, EO processed information and data-driven multi-hazard risk models that can be used to push forward Disaster Risk Management knowledge beyond the state of the art.

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