Enabling knowledge for disaster risk reduction in integration to climate change adaptation

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"Mobilising knowledge” suggests that there is need to enliven the context in which knowledge is developed, shared, and maintained. Knowledge, particularly that related to risk and climate change adaptation, is often fragmented and stuck in different compartments and bodies, be they institutions, agencies, universities, research centres, communities, individuals. Against this background, the project addressed the following questions:

  • Who should know what?
  • Who actually knows?
  • Is knowledge produced in various ways and fields  effective in achieving disaster risk reduction and climate change prevention and adaptation?

And explored the following issues:

  • Fragmentation and separations of arenas (i.e. Scientists, Public and private agencies or organizations in the field of prevention).
  • Changes that have occurred in risk knowledge management strategies overtime.
  • Knowledge management about risk in times of crisis.

The project developed the concept for a knowledge management system for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation that can be considered as a comprehensive reference for establishing, reinforcing, or revising current prevention, mitigation and adaptation strategies. To reach its objectives, the project worked in close collaboration with stakeholders from different European countries and involved them through workshops and living labs.

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