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Technical Support Structure for the Governance and Implementation of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region

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Support EUSALP

The EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) aims at improving cross-border cooperation between Alpine States, identifying common goals, and implementing them more effectively through trans-national cooperation. The aim of the project Support EUSALP is to provide EUSALP with an effective technical support to support the establishment of a stronger multi-level governance and the implementation of concrete actions on the territories of the EUSALP strategy. The project gathers the

hosting regional authorities, the Technical Support Structure (TSS) as well as the EUSALP Presidencies and the Action Group leaderships. The EUSALP Strategy is implemented through thematic Actions Groups. Action Group 8 deals with Risk Governance and aims at improving risk management and climate change adaptation in the Alpine region. To achieve this, Action Group 8 has defined different objectives such as identifying relevant actors and interests, mapping and enhancing governance structures and processes, improving risk and adaptation governance mechanisms in the EUSALP region, identifying good practice solutions, and promoting, developing and implementing local, regional and international pilot projects and programs. Eurac Research is co-leading Action Group 8 on behalf of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano together with the Austrian Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management and contributes to the activities of the Action Group with its competence in Climate impact and risk assessment and Risk Governance.  Finally, the project, through the support of the TSS, will act as facilitators on a strategic level by supporting the integration of results into public policies, and on an advocacy level by increasing visibility and strengthening the communication toward its audience, including the public and the youth.


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