Fabio Carnelli

Fabio Carnelli

Fabio Carnelli

Center for Climate Change and Transformation

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Fabio Carnelli is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Earth Observation at EURAC Research in Bolzano working as WP6 lead of the INTERREG RiKoST project on risk communication strategies in South Tyrol and Carinthia and WP3 lead of the Law 14 M_Risk project on the definition of self-responsibility profiles during mountain sports activities. He's also working on the H2020 projects NEXOGENESIS and IMPETUS. With a background in cultural anthropology and sociology of risk and disasters, she is mainly involved in Risk and Disaster Studies, with the aim of developing a socio-cultural approach to disasters and risk governance with a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) perspective, also through consultancy, applied research and dissemination activities



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Climate Change Adaptation Strategy South Tyrol

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