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The project "Data Infrastructures and Services (DIS)" is planned to maintein and operate the existing infrastructure and platforms that has been created and deployed within various projects at Eurac (ExtSat, MONALISA, SAO, OpenEO, DPS4ESLAB). The infrastructure and services are operational and actively used by multiple institutes in Eurac, in particular the Institute for Earth Observation, the Center for Sensing Solutions, the institute for Alpine Environment etc. The infrastructure allows to deploy and use computing resources hosted on the open source cloud computing platform OpenNebula as well as access the data collected and stored on the SDS (Software Defined Storage) Ceph storage via defined APIs (OpenEO, OGC). A self-service web-portal enables a user, on request,  to deploy ready to use virtual machine templates that are tailored and pre-installed with various tools and platforms that enable specific research oriented analysis and computations on the data available. The project aims at maintaining and keeping operational, also with support from ICT for the hardware components, all the sub-systems, platforms, applications and services that have already been developed within the last years in dedicated projects at Eurac, integrating new (micro-)services according with running projects and provision disaster recovery plans.

A further objective is to maintain operational the satellite data receiving, and the systems and services developed so far as part of the Eurac Receiving Station. 

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Data Platform and Sensing Technologies for Environmental Sensing LAB

Duration: - Funding: FESR (EU funding / Project)

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