Development of an innovative approach for the derivation of a drought index for alpine grassland by combining satellite data, physical models, and meteorological information

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DROUGHT_ST is funded directly through the research office of the province of Bolzano. The objective of the project is the development of an innovative drought index for grassland insurance, based on remote sensing and meteorological data. The results will be implemented in a prototype to be tested in a real application based on the summer of 2022, which will allow an easy adaptation for the operational use. The scientific findings of the project will be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The project will be carried out in close collaboration with the local stakeholders in order to adapt the development based on their feedback and requirements.

The role of EURAC in the project will be related to the development of the drought index, including the processing of the remote sensing and meteorological data. Furthermore, we are responsible for the development of the interface prototype.

Contact person: Mariapina Castelli


Project funded by

Insuring Alpine Grasslands against Drought-Related Yield Losses Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Data
Castelli M, Peratoner G, Pasolli L, Molisse G, Dovas A, Sicher G, Crespi A, Rossi M, Alasawedah MH, Soini E, Monsorno R, Notarnicola C (2023)
Journal article
Remote Sensing

More information: http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/rs15143542


Insuring mountain grasslands against drought losses by Sentinel-2
Castelli M, Pasolli L, Molisse G, Peratoner G, Rossi M, Crespi A, Sicher G, Zellner P, Claus M, Greifeneder F, Vianello A, Iussig G, Bellistri E, Jacob A, Monsorno R, Notarnicola C (2022)

Conference: ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022 | Bonn | 23.5.2022 - 27.5.2022

Arriva il satellite per assicurare il Prato-Pascolo
Castelli M (2022)
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