Holistic (multiscale) analysis of the factors and their effect on the fish fauna in inner-Alpine space

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    Italy-Austria 2014-2020 (EUTC / EU funding / Project)

River ecosystems are strongly influenced by landform and human activities within the surrounding valley at multiple scales. Most rivers are  contaminated by a combination of different interventions, leading to a dramatic change in the aquatic habitat and the organism community. Fish are an established biological indicator in the European Union. Through information about species assemblage, abundance, dominance and population structure it is possible to make reliable predictions about the whole river ecosystem. The dramatic change within the fish fauna in Tyrol
and South Tyrol become evident through the local decline of populations, the threat of fish stocks and the disappearance of species. An additional threat is the loss of the genetic integrity due to stocking activities with non native species. This, too, can lead to the loss of autochthonous species. In contrast to most of the previous research where only individual originators were examined, in this project we will determine the influence of (as far as possible) all influence factors and make them visible through geostatistic and multiscale models. We plan on incorporating the gained findings into river management plans, which can be used to influence future decisions on environmental protection.

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Projekt Alffa: Fischpopulationen und Gewässergüte im Alpenraum

The hydromorphology index IHM based on fish requirements
Schmölz K, Felber A, Wolfgang M, Thaler M, Wieser J, Persiano S, Bertoldi G, Tasser E (2023)
Journal article
River Research and Applications

More information:

The effect of riparian forest on landscape connectivity for the EPT community across European biogeographical regions
Peredo Arce A, Palt M, Tasser E, Feio M, Schletterer M, Kail J (2022)

Conference: 36th Congress of International Society of Limnology (SIL) | Berlin | 7.8.2022 - 10.8.2022

A first attempt at a holistic analysis of various influencing factors on the fish fauna in the Eastern European Alps
Schmölz K, Bottarin R, Felber A, Lassacher F, Lehne F, Mark W, Niederwanger M, Niedrist GH, Oberarzbacher S, Pelster B, Peron A, Persiano S, Schletterer M, Schwarzenberger R, Scotti A, Thaler M, Walde J, Wieser J, Tasser E (2022)
Journal article
Science of the Total Environment

More information: ...

Expression of biomarkers connected to endocrine disruption in Cottus gobio and Salmo trutta fario in relation to sewage treatment plant-efflux and pesticides
Niederwanger M, Wieser J, Thaler M, Felber A, Schmölz K, Mark W, Tasser E, Kaufmann R, Pelster B (2022)
Journal article
Frontiers in Environmental Science

More information: ...

The impact of land use and landform in the watershed of rivers on the fish fauna
Schmölz K, Bottarin R, Mark W, Pelster B, Wieser J, Tasser E (2021)

Conference: Workshop des Arbeitskreis Landschaftsforschung ‘Zwischen Individualität und Repräsentativität| Erfassung & Bewertung von Landschaften‘ | Höxter, Online : 7.4.2021 - 7.4.2021

A methodical approach to analyze the effect of river morphology and hydrology on fish fauna in the inner-Alpine space
Schmölz K, Felber A, Mark W, Thaler M, Wieser J, Persiano S, Bertoldi G, Tasser E (2021)

Conference: EGU General Assembly 2021 | Vienna | 19.4.2021 - 30.7.2021

Wie geht es der Fischfauna im inneralpinen Raum?
Tasser E, Schmölz K (2021)

Conference: 2. INN-Dialog | Neuötting | 27.10.2021 - 27.10.2021

Gesamtheitliche (skalenübergreifende) Analyse der Einflussfaktoren und ihre Wirkung auf die Fischfauna im Zentrum der Alpen
Tasser E (2021)

Conference: Jahrestagung Kleinwasserkraft Österreich 2021 | Klagenfurt | 15.10.2021 - 15.10.2021

Untersuchung der Einflussfaktoren und ihre Wirkung auf die Fischfauna im inneralpinen Raum
Tasser E, Schmölz K, Wieser J, Mark W (2021)
Journal article

ALFFA - Holistic (multiscale) analysis of the factors and their effect on the fish fauna in inner-Alpine space
Oberarzbacher S, Bottarin R, Mark W, Pelster B, Niederwanger M, Wieser J, Tasser E (2018)
ALFFA - Holistic (multiscale) analysis of the factors and their effect on the fish fauna in inner-Alpine space
Mark W, Tasser E, Bottarin R, Oberarzbacher S, Pelster B, Pichler B, Wieser J (2017)
Bachsaibling adieu!? Fischerverein Prettau
Tasser E, Widmann F (2016)
Journal article
Tauernfenster: Mitteilungsblatt der Gemeinde Prettau

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