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LT(S)ER: Open air laboratory Matsch/Mazia

Long-term (socio-)ecological research in the open air laboratory Matsch/Mazia

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LT(S)ER: Open air laboratory Matsch/Mazia
  • Project duration: December 2013 - December 2025
  • Project status: ongoing
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Global Change phenomena as land use change and temperature increase are well proved to have significant impacts on biodiversity, water budget and ecosystem functioning of mountain regions. However, many studies act as isolated investigations within a complex, multidimensional space and are thus limited in their significance. Hence, it is rather essential to combine a broad set of ecological investigation methods in order to obtain an integrated comprehension of the highly interlinked ecological processes in such vulnerable ecosystems.
Within this project an interdisciplinary approach is followed, where ecological measurements, manipulative experiments and modeling activities are strongly linked together in order to quantify land use and climatic change Impacts on an inner-alpine catchment. All activities are aimed to cover both the spatial Dimension from plot to landscape scale as well as the temporal component considering past, present and
In order to put activities and results in a more international context, an integration of the research area in Matsch/Mazia within the LTER-network is planned. Fruthermore, soil moisture measurement will act as calibrating and validating data for the NASA SMAP-Mission.

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LTER Messungsstation
LTER Laboratory Matsch
LTER Standort
LTER Standort
LTER Standort
LTER Messungsstation
Global maps of soil temperature
Lembrechts JJ, van den Hoogen J, […], Della Chiesa S, Niedrist G, Seeber J, Steinwandter M, […] (2021)
Journal article
Global Change Biology

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La rete italiana per la ricerca ecologica di lungo termine - Lo studio della biodiversità e dei cambiamenti : IT25 Val di Mazia
Fontana V, Niedrist G, Bottarin R (2021)
CNR Edizioni

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Dendroecology at the LTSER Matsch/Mazia
Obojes N (2021)

Conference: 31 st European Dendroecological Fieldweek | Santa Maria, Müstair | 28.8.2021 - 5.9.2021

Micrometeorological monitoring in the Alpine Long Term Socio-Ecological Research Site IT25:Val Mazia/ Matschertal–Italy
Niedrist G, Bertoldi G, Zandonai A, Della Chiesa S, Klotz J, Obojes N, Fontana V, Bottarin R, Tappeiner U (2021)

Conference: 2nd TEAMxWorkshop | Online | 10.5.2021 - 12.5.2021

Agent-based modelling of water balance in a social-ecological system: A multidisciplinary approach for mountain catchments
Huber L, Rüdisser J, Meisch C, Stotten R, Leitinger G, Tappeiner U (2021)
Journal article
Science of the Total Environment

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Data Browser Matsch | Mazia: Web Application to access microclimatic time series of an ecological research site
Palma M, Zandonai A, Cattani L, Klotz J, Genova G, Brida C, Andreatta N, Niedrist G, Della Chiesa S (2021)
Journal article
Research Ideas and Outcomes

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Ulrike Tappeiner

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Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol

Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol

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