European Diversity and Autonomy Papers

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Established in 2004, by the then Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism and the Institute for Minority Rights at the then European Academy, EDAP, the European Diversity and Autonomy Papers, emerged as an influential online series of working papers. The series sought to advance theoretical frameworks and empirical explorations pertaining to the diverse landscape of Europe. This encompassed a wide range of dimensions, including ethnic identities, cultures, regions, values, identities, institutions, and structures. Key topics within EDAP revolved around regionalism, federalism, minority protection, multiculturalism, and the overarching concept of "constitutional flexibility" in Europe. While the series primarily focused on comparative constitutional law and EU law, it also welcomed contributions from diverse disciplines such as political science, international relations, and economics. In 2022, this commitment to interdisciplinary perspectives paved the way for EDAP's evolution into the Diversity Governance Papers, DiGoP.

EDAP 2017/01 The Discipline of Minority Issues in the Russian Federation

Simone Stefan

Russia - Russian Federation - Minorities - Nationalities - Indigenous Peoples - Subjects of the Federation - Ethnic Republics - National Cultural Autonomy - Soviet Legacy.


EDAP 2016/03 Selbstbestimmung und Parteien in Südtirol: Territoriale und europäische Parteistrategien zwischen Autonomie und Sezession

Matthias Scantamburlo

Ethno-regionalist Parties - Self-Determination - South Tyrol - Party Competition - Party Strategy - Content Analysis.


EDAP 2016/02 Grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit im Alpenraum: Wechselwirkung zwischen EUSALP und EVTZ?

Greta Klotz and Martina Trettel

Grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit - Alpenraum - Makroregionale Strategie - EUSALP - Europaregion Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino - EVTZ.


EDAP 2016/01 The Basque Diaspora in Latin America: Euskal Etxeak, Integration, and Tensions

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia

Diaspora - Basque Diaspora - Basque Country - Euskal Etxea - Identity - Abertzale - Nationalism.


EDAP 2015/02 Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and their (new) Mobilizations in Russia

Anna Koch and Alexandra Tomaselli

Indigenous Peoples - Russian Federation - Fishing Rights - Exploitation of Natural Resources - Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North (RAIPON).


EDAP 2015/01 The Ascent of EU Environmental Policy: A Case for Unintended Consequences

Federica Cittadino

EU Environmental Policy - Neo-Functionalism - Neo-Institutionalism - Unintended Consequences - EU Environmental Law - EU Competences.


EDAP 2014/04 Die Europäische Union und das Rahmenübereinkommen zum Schutz nationaler Minderheiten: ignorieren, parallell “umsetzen“ oder gar beitreten?

Gabriel N. Toggenburg

Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities - FCNM - European Union - Minority Protection - Diversity Pyramids - EU Competences - Council of Europe - Coherence - Immigration - Integration - Identity Preservation.


EDAP 2014/03 Making Autonomies Matter: Sub-State Actor Accommodation in the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers. An Analysis of the Institutional Framework for Accommodating the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland within ‘Norden’

Sarah Stephan

Åland - Autonomy - International Organisations - Multi-Level Governance - Nordic Cooperation.


EDAP 2014/02 A Critique of Kosovo’s Internationalized Constitutional Court

Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Kosovo - Internationalized Courts - Constitutional Court - State-Building - Governance.


EDAP 2014/01 “Viewers should not try this at home.” Die Verfassungsgerichte Bosnien-Herzegowinas und Kosovos in deren Rolle als Schlichtungsinstanzen in ethnopolitischen Konflikten

Stefan Graziadei

Constitutional Courts - Constitutionalism - Constitutional Adjudication - Judicial Activism - Lawfare - Constituent Peoples - Transitional Democracies - Multinational Federations - Divided Societies - Post Conflict Societies - Bosnia - Kosovo - Balkans - Former Yugoslavia.


EDAP 2013/07 Costituzionalismo dei diritti e comparazione giuridica nell'area balcanica: Riflessioni sul metodo

Elena D’Orlando

Constitutionalism - European Union - Comparative Law - Legal Method - Constitutional Transitions - Form of State - Fundamental Rights.


EDAP 2013/06 Could European Governance Ideas Improve Federal-provincial Relations in Canada?

Donna E. Wood

Governance - Intergovernmental Relations - Federalism - Comparative Politics - Social Policy.


EDAP 2013/05 EU Conditionality on NationalitySensitive Matters in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Promoting Democracy or Maintaining the Status Quo?

Emilio Vettori

EU Enlargement - Democracy Promotion - Conditionality - Consociationalism - Minority Rights -Sejdić and Finci ruling - Police Reform.


EDAP 2013/04 The Dynamics of Decentralization in Italy: Towards a Federal Solution?

Francesco Palermo and Alex Wilson

Italy - Constitutional Reform - Institutional Change - Fiscal Federalism - Constitutional Court - Political Parties - Inter-Governmental Relations.


EDAP 2013/03 La protezione delle minoranze in Italia e il mancato riconoscimento della minoranza rom: ragioni e conseguenze

Claudia Tavani

Rom - Nomadi - Discriminazione - Minoranze - Decreti d’emergenza - Integrazione - Inclusione.


EDAP 2013/02 Making or Breaking the Republic of Moldova? The Autonomy of Gagauzia

Siegfried Wöber

Minority Rights - Gagauz - Gagauzia - Republic of Moldova - Territorial Autonomy - State-Building.


EDAP 2013/01 Redrawing Identity Boundaries through Integration Policies: Strategies of Inclusion/Exclusion of Immigrants in Québec and South Tyrol

Lorenzo Piccoli

Minority Nationalism - Sub-National Polities - Integration Policies - Immigration - Québec - South Tyrol.


EDAP 2012/04 Ongoing Pristina – Belgrade Talks: from Decentralization to Regional Cooperation and Future Perspectives.

Entela Cukani

Pristina - Belgrade - Decentralization - Minorities - North Kosovo.


EDAP 2012/03 The French Constitutional Council as the Rottweiler of the Republican Ideal in the Language Field: Does Jurisprudence Really Reflect Reality?

Stefan Graziadei

France - Constitutional law - (Constitutional) Adjudication - Conseil Constitutionnel - Linguistic rights - Minorities - Regional and Minority Languages - Nation - Nationalism.


EDAP 2012/02 The Fundamental Rights Agency and Civil Society: Reminding the Gardeners of their Plants’ Roots

Morten Kjaerum and Gabriel N. Toggenburg

Civil Society - Participation - European Union - Fundamental Rights - Fundamental Rights Platform - Good Administration - Dialogue - Citizens.


EDAP 2012/01 Autonomía Indígena Originaria Campesina in Bolivia: Realizing the Indigenous Autonomy?

Alexandra Tomaselli

Bolivia - Indigenous Peoples - Political Participation - Autonomy - Self-Government - Autonomía Indígena Originaria Campesina.


EDAP 2011/02 Judicial Adjudication of Language Rights in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe. Principles and Criteria

Francesco Palermo

Central Europe - Eastern Europe - South-Eastern Europe - Linguistic rights - Minorities - Case Law - (Constitutional) Adjudiction - Rule of Law.


EDAP 2011/01 The Application of the Multi-Level Governance Model outside the EUcontext – The Case of Food Security

Katarzyna Marzeda-Mlynarska

Food Security - Globalization - Multi-Level Governance - Global Governance - Food Security Governance - Steering Mechanisms.


EDAP 2010/04 Oltre il locale e il globale: il senso glocale dell’appartenenza contemporanea

Riccardo Giumelli

Individual and Collective Identity - Sense of Belonging - Localism - Nation-State - Globalisation - Glocalisation - Modernity and Post-Modernity.


EDAP 2010/03 International Action to Prevent Discrimination: The Situation of the Roma Community in the Field of Education

Judith Gimenez

Minority Rights - Roma - Discrimination - Racism - Principle of Equality and Non-Discrimination - International Human Rights Bodies - Croatia - Czech Republic - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - Slovakia - Access to Education - Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights - Segregated Education.


EDAP 2010/02 Direkte Demokratie und Sprachminderheiten in der Schweiz und in Südtirol – Ein Vergleich

Thomas Benedikter

Direct Democracy - Minority Rights - Referendum - Initiative - Multilingual Regions - Democracy - Citizens' Participation - Rights of Ethno-Linguistic Minorities.


EDAP 2010/01 Europeanization of Minority Rights: Discourse, Practice, and Change in Turkey

Zelal Kizilkan-Kisacik

Minority Rights - Turkey - Europeanization - EU-Turkey relations - Conditionality - Human Rights in Turkey - Enlargement - Democratization.


EDAP 2009/02 Internazionalizzazione del diritto costituzionale e costituzionalizzazione del diritto internazionale delle differenze

Francesco Palermo

Protezione delle minoranze etno-nazionali - Pluralismo - Proliferazione degli strumenti internazionali - Alto Commissario OSCE delle minoranze nazionali - Consiglio d’Europa - Unione Europea.


EDAP 2009/01 Wahlgesetzgebung und ihre Auswirkung auf die Vertretung von Minderheiten: Die Kärntner Landtagswahlordnung im europäischen Vergleich

Emma Lantschner

Electoral Laws - Carinthia - Equality Principle - Electoral Thresholds - Electoral Districts - Guaranteed Representation - National Minorities.


EDAP 2008/03 “A Thousand Streams and Groves:” Comments on Dr. Gierycz’s Paper “‘United in Diversity’”

Peter R. Teachout

United in Diversity - Catholic Church - European Charter of Fundamental Rights - Christian Thought - Roman Empire.


EDAP 2008/02 “United in Diversity”: The Church’s Experience and the European Union’s Identity Motto

Michał Gierycz

European Identity - Unity in Diversity - Catholic Church - Derivation - Secularization - Transmission Channels.


EDAP 2008/01 Asymmetry in the Federal Systems – Constitutional Arrangements in South Africa

Dirk J. Brand

Asymmetry - Diversity - Languages - Provincial Constitution - Zulu King - Constitutional Asymmetry - Constitutional Principles.


EDAP 2007/04 La English Question e il regionalismo inglese

Sara Parolari

Devolution - Regionalism - English Question - Regional Development Agencies - Democratic accountability - Regional economic development - Regional governance - UK Constitutional law.


EDAP 2007/03 Future Perspectives on Territorial Cooperation in Europe: The EC Regulation on a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation and the Planned Council of Europe Third Protocol to the Madrid Outline Convention concerning Euroregional Co–operation Groupings

Alice Engl

Territorial Cooperation - European Union - Council of Europe - Local and Regional Authorities - Transfrontier Region - European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation - Draft Protocol No. 3 concerning Euroregional Co-operation Groupings - Differences - Similarities.


EDAP 2007/02 Commission’s Approach to Minority Protection during the Preparation of the EU’s Eastern Enlargement: Is 2 Better than the Promised 1?

Dimitry Kochenov

EU Law - Enlargement - Conditionality - Minority protection - Ethnic Minorities - Linguistic Minorities - Baltic States - Pre-Accession - Copenhagen Criteria.


EDAP 2007/01 Die Europäische Union und das Völkerrecht kultureller Vielfalt – Aspekte einer wunderbaren Freundschaft

Armin von Bogdandy

Diversity Governance - Principle of Cultural Diversity - National Cultures - Sovereignity - UNESCO - Right to Self Determination - Multilevel Governance - EU Constitutional Law - Eastern Enlargement - Homogeneity.


EDAP 2006/05 The Paradox of Federal Bicameralism

Giancarlo Doria

Federalism - Bicameralism - Federal chambers - Second chambers - US Senate - Bundesrat.


EDAP 2006/04 Diversity and Equality: An Ambiguous Relationship. Reflections on the US Case Law on Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Julie Ringelheim

Diversity - Equality - Affirmative Action - Discrimination - Racial And Ethnic Minorities - Higher Education - US Supreme Court - Racism.


EDAP 2006/03 The Headscarf as a Symbol of Non-Integration? Integration of Muslims in Austria

Margareth Prisching

Headscarf Debate - Muslims - Integration Report 2006 - Leyla Sahin v. Turkey - Laicité - ECHR.


EDAP 2006/02 Linguistic Diversity within the Integrated Constitutional Space?

Francesco Palermo

European Union Law - Linguistic Diversity - Integrated Constitutional Space - Language Rights - Constitutional Law.


EDAP 2006/01 The Post-enlargement European Order: Europe ‘United in Diversity’?

Paul Blokker

European Integration - Enlargement - Constitutionalisation - Diversity - Assimilation - Multi-culturalism - Identity - Deliberation - Value conflict - Central and Eastern Europe.


EDAP 2005/04 Post-conflict Reconstruction through State- and Nation-building: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Joseph Marko

Dayton Peace Agreement - Ethnic Power-sharing - Constitutional Court Jurisprudence - Post-conflict Re-construction - State- and Nation-building - European Integration.


EDAP 2005/03 EU Participation in the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions: Some Constitutional Remarks

Delia Ferri

UNESCO - Cultural Diversity - European Community - Member States - Competences - International Activity.


EDAP 2005/02 The Role of the Union in Integrating the Roma: Present and Possible Future

Olivier De Schutter and Annelies Verstichel

European Union - Non-discrimination - Minorities - Roma - Open Method of Coordination.


EDAP 2005/01 Die Sprache und der Binnenmarkt im Europa der EU: Eine kleine Beziehungsaufstellung in 10 Punkten

Gabriel N. Toggenburg

Language - Market - Language Policy - Fundamental Freedoms - Labelling - Democracy - Linguistic Diversity - Lingua Franca - Mobility - Language Requirements.


EDAP 2004/07 Five Years of Constitutional Jurisprudence in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A First Balance

Joseph Marko

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Dayton Agreement - Judicial Review - Human Rights - Minority Protection - Dissenting Opinions - Transition to Democracy.


EDAP 2004/06 Wind of Change: The Croatian Government’s Turn towards a Policy of Ethnic Reconciliation

Antonija Petričušić

Accession Process - Conditionality - Constitutional Law - Non-Discrimination - European Union - Minority Rights - Minority Representation - Return - Reposession of Property.


EDAP 2004/05 The European Convention on Human Rights and the Protection of the Roma as a Controversial Case of Cultural Diversity

Kristin Henrard

Roma - Minority - Equality - Identity - Language - Education - Lifestyle - State Obligation.


EDAP 2004/04 The ‘Cultural Industries’: A Clash of Basic Values? A Comparative Study of the EU and the NAFTA in Light of the WTO

Rostam J. Neuwirth

Cultural Industries - North American Free Trade Agreement - NAFTA - European Union - EU - World Trade Organization - WTO - Culture - Trade - Trade Linkage Debate - Constitutionalisation - Legal Theory.


EDAP 2004/03 EU Film Policy: between Art and Commerce

Anna Herold

Audiovisual Policy - Audiovisual Industry - Cultural Diversity - European Cinema - European Commission - EU Film Industry - Film Policy - State Aid.


EDAP 2004/02 Towards an EU Immigration Policy: Between Emerging Supranational Principles and National Concerns

Maria Teresa Bia

European Union - Asylum - Immigration - National Policies - Italy - Germany.


EDAP 2004/01 The Debate on European Values and the Case of Cultural Diversity

Gabriel N. Toggenburg

Cultural Diversity - European Values - European Ideas – Founding Values - Common Legal Principles – Homogeneity – Immigration – Identity - Community of Values - Minority Protection.