Earth Observation Exploitation Platform Common Architecture

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The ESA EO Exploitation Platform Common Architecture (EOEPCA) project is defining a blueprint architecture for EO Exploitation platforms in distributed computing environments. It is currently developing open source components in the domains of resource management, application processing and identity and authorisation management. The ESA openEO platform is developing an operational platform service using the openEO API which is deployed in three (soon: four) different public cloud environments (so called openEO backends). The openEO API allows clients to communicate with various cloud backends in order to access data and run server-side processing. These projects share several goals in common and are to some degree also complementary. Within this Small Activity Proposal (SAP) various complementary aspects shall be explored and exploited to enhance the interoperability and usability of these activities. This SAP responds to the SoW for EOEPECA test suite consolidation and seeks to implement openEO back-end API compatibility and processing validation test suite.

Contact person: alexander.jacob@eurac.edu

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