Hyperspectral Prisma Data for Ecosystem functions, habitats, and diversity characterization

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The Hyperecos project is a 2.5-year project part of the “PRISMA Scienza” tender by the Italian Space agency (ASI). In this project lead by the Tuscia University, EURAC Research is a project partner alongside the Terrasystem SRL, the “Consiglio per la ricerca in agriculture e l’analisi dell’economia agraria (CREA) and the Trier University. In this project we evaluate the new hyperspectral Earth Observation data from the PRISMA mission data and advanced big data analysis techniques for ecosystems studies. Hyperspectral datasets allow the linking of plant canopy, ecosystem and habitat features to the spectral-optical properties. Together with complementary EO-data available such as SAR data certain specific traits linked to water content and vegetation structure can be researched. This project is focused on Alpine Grasslands, Forests, and Wetlands (coastal vegetation) ecosystems, already suffering from climate and anthropogenic impacts. In seven different sites the project is intended to analyze ecosystems and their changes by mapping ecosystem subtypes and biodiversity based on broad vegetation classes, recognizable with hyperspectral data as provided by the PRISMA mission.

Contact person: Ruth Sonnenschein

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