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The objective of the project is to support the uptake and use of modern and open European Earth Observation (EO) data and data science tools in the cloud by providing engaging and appealing training material and lectures in a massive open online course format. This should contribute to a growing open science landscape that enables more and more practitioners to access EO data at scale. The course shall particularly cater to two main groups of students coming from a background of computer science and need to learn more on working with EO data or students from EO related research fields that want to improve their data science skills in the cloud. A basic level of knowledge on common programming languages such as python or R as well as software engineering tools like Git will be assumed as a prerequisite. To this end the course should both provide an introduction to satellite remote sensing, the data used and typical processing techniques, as well as how to apply those in a cloud-based environment.

Eurac Research is the project lead. Furthermore Eurac Research is responsible for the work packages WP100 Concept and Design and WP200 Material Production.

This project consolidates Euracs work in many projects (openEO, openEO platform, SAR2Cube, R4openEO, etc.) creating educational material for cloud based EO platforms.

The Project is financed through the ESA Expro+ Programme.

Peter Zellner,

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openEO API: An introduction to EO cloud computing and applications
Jacob A, Mohr M, Claus M, Campalani P (2023)

Conference: 2023 Taiwan Society for Geographic Information Annual Conference and Symposium | Tainan City | 29.6.2023 - 30.6.2023

MOOC EOODS - Massive Open Online Course for Earth Observation and Open Data Science: A course to educate the next generation of EO researchers in data cubes, cloud platforms, and open science
Zellner PG, Eckardt R, Meißl S, Dolezalova T, Eberle J, Claus M, Callegari M, Jacob A, Anghelea A (2023)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: IEEE IGARSS 2023 - International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium | Pasadena | 16.7.2023 - 21.7.2023

MOOC EOODS - Massive Open Online Course for earth observation and open data science: a course to educate the next generation of EO researchers in data cubes, cloud platforms and open science
Zellner PJ, Eckardt R, Doležalová T, Meißl S, Eberle J, Claus M, Callegari M, Jacob A, Anghelea A (2023)

Conference: FOSS4G | Prizren | 26.6.2023 - 2.7.2023

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