Web Geographical Information System for the Observation and information on the Alps

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  • Institute: Institute for Earth Observation

The main goal of SOIA WebGIS is to develop a WebGIS platform to spread the relevant data  and results in alpine area, owned by the Alpine Convention Secretariat.

The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention (PSAC) aims at the implementation of a WebGIS platform for the System for the Observation and Information on the Alps (SOIA WebGIS) with the objective of improving the dissemination of the information and the usability of the current and future Geographical data. The WebGIS platform will be implemented based on OGC-compliant web technology and open source component. The application’s main function is the interactive, map-based visualization of the proposed datasets choosen by the Alpine Convention Secretariat.

Project Team
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Markus Innerebner

Markus Innerebner

Vice Manager
Roberto Ghelli

Roberto Ghelli

Team Member