EDIS - Urbanized Indigenous Migrants and (new) Religious Minorities: Rights and Resilience

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  • Project duration: December 2019 - December 2023
  • Project status:
    Approval by the Scientific Committee
  • Funding:
    Internal funding EURAC (Project)

The “Urbanized Indigenous Migrants and (new) Religious Minorities: Rights and Resilience” (U-I-MIR) project focuses on two minorities-within-(new)-minorities, namely urbanized indigenous migrants and those religious minorities stemming from migration. The overall goal of this project is to analyze whether these two minorities-within-(new)-minorities are in the position to exercise or claim their (human, minority, and/or indigenous) rights and build their resilience in the new (to them) urban contexts. It thus explores whether (and, if so, why) they are subject to inequality, discrimination practices, hate speech, et al. (incl., islamophobia and antisemitism), and what this implies for the exercise of their rights and their (potential) resilience, especially in (post-)pandemic times. Another dimension of this project explores the role of Diasporas in the process of accommodating cultural diversity and building an integrated society.

Indigenous Peoples and climate-induced relocation in Latin America and the Caribbean: managed retreat as a tool or a threat?
Felipe Pérez B, Tomaselli A (2021)
Springer Science and Business Media LLC
Journal article
Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences

More information: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s13412-021-00693-2



Transnational Dynamics of Politics and Religion
Wonisch K, Lakitsch M (2021)

Conference: Annual Conference of the European Academy of Religion - EuARe 2021 - Religion and Change | Münster and Online (Hybrid Format) | 30.8.2021 - 2.9.2021

Recension de / Book review of "Las migraciones climáticas ante el ordenamiento jurídico internacional" de Beatriz Felipe Pérez
Tomaselli A (2020)
Journal article
Revista Catalana de Dret Ambiental

More information: https://revistes.urv.cat/index.php/rcda/article/view/2824



The legacy of the dhimma concept in MENA countries: impact on women’s rights
Wonisch K (2020)

Conference: GENDER RELIGION AND LAW | Messina | 5.6.2020 - 25.6.2020


Climate Resilience of Indigenous Peoples and local communities and Natural Resources’ management in the Andes in the post-covid-19 era
Tomaselli A, Panchi-Robles S (2020)

Conference: Global Mountain Sustainability Forum - Sustainability Governance| International frameworks and Local contributions | online : 5.10.2020 - 6.10.2020


University of Graz
Queen's University Belfast
The University of Sheffield
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Internal funding EURAC (Project)

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